it’s wedding time!  see you in nashville!


Postal Service

On Friday, I mailed out the first round of invitations. Anna’s mom did an amazing job designing and printing them! The invitations look really cool, simple and clean…she even made us a logo!!!!

Nashville News

You may have heard (if you live in Nashville, that is) that we’re out of gas. I don’t know if the rest of the country is aware. Let me update you, America:


We’re out of gas. Most gas stations are closed. The ones that DO have gas are typically only selling premium grade, and you have to wait in line for approximately half an hour to put 3-4 gallons in your tank. Think long lines of cars backed up to the interstate.


Though the issue should be dealt with by this weekend, you may want to ride your bike to our wedding, if possible. 🙂


We found THIS video on a local Nashville blog. Though it makes more sense to people who live in Nashville, a little overdubbing is good for everyone!


Last week we went to Sweet 16th and Rumors East to pick out our cupcake flavors, try our food and chose which wine we’re serving! Everything was delicious and now I have to alter my tux.  My personal favorite is the Shrimp and Grits with a glass of Cinnabar Merlot finished off with the Carrot Cake Cupcake.  I’m also trying to get my mom and aunt to make Filipino Eggrolls for the reception! 

Who’s ready to get their eat on!

We’re slashing prices…um not really but I called some hotels and they are hooking us up with group rates for the wedding.

Best Western
ask for Rocky (ironic isn’t it)
$89/night Sunday – Thursday
$119/night Friday -Saturday

Comfort Inn
ask for Alvin 615.255.9977
$79/night Sunday – Thursday
$119.99/night Friday – Saturday

I personally recommend Priceline that’s what I do when I travel for business. I get great rooms at amazing prices. Anna doesn’t like it that I travel so much.

Big News

Anna has a dress, and is excited about it.


That is all.

We just posted links to nearby hotels under the Directions tab above.
Check it out here

We can’t wait to see you!!!!!